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Adam Tula


In our law firm Adam handles matters in the field of civil procedural law and personal data protection regulations. He is presently participating in a number of GDPR implementation processes.



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T. +48 22 547 08 10





  • Disputes with banks concerning Swiss franc loans
  • Disputes related to real estate law, including claims for handover of real estate and compensation for the use of real estate without contractual basis
  • Disputes in respect of building law, in particular related to settlements between the contractor and the investor
  • Disputes concerning personal rights protection, including privacy of correspondence
  • Lawsuits against local government bodies, e.g. concerning trade effluent discharge or repurchase of real estate in connection with an amendment of the master zoning plan
  • Lawsuits seeking division of community property, including mutual settlements of the parties in relation to securities held or sold and shares in civil law partnerships
  • Estate and inheritance cases, e.g. evasion of the legal effects of a declaration concerning acceptance of inheritance
  • Bankruptcy proceedings, e.g. of one of the largest savings and credit unions
  • Several cases seeking payment for delivery of goods involving business entities
  • Several dozen debt collection proceedings
  • Criminal proceedings, e.g. concerning:
    • economic offenses, in particular a failure of the management board members to file a bankruptcy petition, frustration of satisfaction of creditors’ claims, obtainment of credit by false pretenses
    • medical malpractice
  • Administrative proceedings, e.g. related to the adoption of master zoning plans before the Voivodeship Administrative Court and proceedings in the Regional Clearing Chamber in Warsaw
  • Preparation of local law acts to be promulgated by local government bodies (draft resolutions of local government bodies concerning exemptions from real estate tax, use of public aid and de minimis aid with legal justification thereof)
  • Ongoing advisory services for corporations, advice concerning equity market transactions (preparation of the legal part of the issuance prospectuses of public companies - IPO).

Presently, Adam also deals with implementation of the personal data protection regulations (GDPR), based on our law firm’s proprietary methodology which he co-created. In connection with the enforcement of GDPR Adam carried out a number of training courses, e.g. for INFOR.PL SA and Proability.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Warsaw University (2007). In 2007-2012 Adam worked as legal reviser for a Parliamentary Club of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland.

Provides legal services also to English speaking clients.

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