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Małgorzata Kowalska


A specialist in family and inheritance law. In our law firm Małgorzata is responsible for legal analysis of family situations of our clients, and preparation and implementation of the adopted process tactics. She successfully handled a few hundred of family and inheritance cases the number of which is increasingly growing.



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T. +48 22 547 08 10




  • Conducts proceedings for clients seeking division of community property of the spouses of a value of several dozen million Polish zlotys
  • Caused almost 90% of lawsuits seeking division of community property to end in a court settlement
  • Participated in several dozen settlement meetings intended to amicably resolve family property disputes between the former spouses and agree on child custody matters
  • Represented clients in more than 250 divorce proceedings, proceedings for legal separation, cases concerning parental authority, alimony and access to children
  • Proponent of implementation of the concept of personal rights protection in family law cases and co-author of innovative solutions and papers on this topic
  • Handles numerous cases for ascertainment of inheritance acquisition and inheritance division, claims for a compulsory portion of inheritance, recognition of a person unworthy, effective disinheritance and validity of a last will and testament
  • Co-creator of the project “business succession planning”, which is intended to help dispose of the assets and possessions of people wishing to withdraw from their current business in a controlled manner while still living.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law of Administration at UMSC in Lublin (2009).

She renders legal services also to English speaking clients.

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